Hello girls!
For the title of the post you will think I'm crazy ... but no, not yet. Today I do not bring any post about beauty tricks for women , rather I bring you a very strange thing that if you do it is because you have gone head.
In China they are innovating with a new fire treatment called huǒ

liao which promises to eliminate wrinkles and the flaccidity A name that must be very easy to pronounce for us ...

huǒ liao

What is the Chinese treatment huǒ liao?

The huǒ liao consists of placing a towel soaked with alcohol and a secret elixir (They do not want to tell us what the remedy is and the illness may be worse ...), then it ignites a fire that spreads for a few seconds, and this what it does is stimulate the skin to eliminate sagging and wrinkles.

The china beauty salons say that It is one of the best treatments of belle It is always done by a professional. I honestly would not do it or crazy, what would happen if I burn my hair? or worse, what if my face burns?
It may also work out well and nothing may happen to you, but I do not know how hot my face is. It can be very good.
Of course I will not try it, there are products that do not do miracles but they can not cause you a disaster, and also if you are afraid of wrinkles do not miss>>> Tricks to prevent the first wrinkles.
And you would do treatment huǒ liao ?
Author: Melyssa PG, beauty and cosmetics blogger.