My opinion of Lingerie-sexy

Hello girls!
Today I bring you a different entry, this time it is a collaboration with a store that I have known of sexy lingerie, this has a wide catalog of tantomasculina as feminine and most sexy. They have corsets, leggings, bodices, pics ... well they are all very sexy.
They gave me the opportunity to choose what I wanted from their website, which is difficult, because I liked it all. I think that any girl that they say choose what you want from the web, will have a small problem of choice, because it is very difficult to choose a single thing, you want to take everything.
But in the end I decided on the Navy bodice made of cotton fabric with sailor stripes, model CYC00140 that is beautiful or at least I love it, but you know that for tastes the colors.
It is white and gray, and what more I like it is that it does not squeeze me and I'm suffocated as most of these garments tend to do.
I put a day in the afternoon that was very hot and I did not want to die roasted, I thought I did not I would like it very much, well I knew I liked it, but I did not know how much I would put up with it.
So I've told you before, that most bodices tend to squeeze, but this one is another style and is like any other garment, quite comfortable.
sexy lingerie corset
And that's how I got this bodice:
fashion blogger
What I like the most about this sexy lingerie website is that it has a lot of variety deprendas and sizes from the Shasta the 3XL. So no girl will have problems in terms of size refers, and that in some stores is often impossible mission for example find clothes of 3 XL.
If you liked my order, you are lucky, because when you register on the web you will receive € 6 and also if you use my code 5BF68FDA3E you will have a 10% discount. So your purchase in the end you will end up going very small.
card sexy lingerie discount
What Does the online lingerie-sexy appear? Do you like my bodice?
Author: Melyssa PG, blogger of beauty and cosmetics.