Hello girls!
Today I leave you my birthday gifts.
Powders matificantes , I needed them because astor's are running out and I do not know what happens but every time I look whiter, that's why I've decided to change matifying powders and what luck they have given me.
matifying powder
Pendant of Cristian Lay , I love it is the fatima hand and apart they say it gives good luck.
christian lay pendant

Ring of Cristian lay, bathed in silver, this one also wanted him.

 ring cristian lay

Shirt orange, although it is not an orange chillon because I can not stand it, what I like the most is the part of the back.

orange shirt

Leather belt, I like it because it is unique (made by hand), these are those that practically last a lifetime.

leather belt
 leather craft belt
Lingerie set of the Gisela brand, this I like it a lot.
c injunto lingerie gisela
This scarf is a marvel!