Valentine's gifts

Hello girls!
Last week I left you a post in which I showed you very cheap gifts for valentines , Obviously I also give Valentine's gifts so here I leave you some pictures, although some are missing because I deleted them unintentionally, I am a disaster.
Love vouchers, I printed them just like you I showed them at the entrance of gifts for valentines only that I put cardboard behind them so that they were harder. And my boy loved it, that if for my luck (For the massage I'm very lazy) has not yet exchanged.
What I liked best was my boyfriend this newspaper with the main news the day we started, what children's face we had in that photo.
And the My boyfriend's gifts for Valentine's Day, he knows that I am very greedy, so he gave me a cake that was very good and some sweets.
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And did you celebrate Valentine's Day? Kisses