My opinion on some products

¡Holachicas !!
Today I will give you my opinion about some products from feminine cosmetics .

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This fixative came in the beauty club box in December promises to keep the shine and make-up on your lips for 8 hours. Its size is 8 ml and its price of € 15.
This lipstick has me a bit like that, as well as angry ... I've tried a few times and it only works for some, with others are like me lipspelled, a horror, because the only thing he does with those who go wrong skin my lips, leave them dry and very ugly.
With the good lipstick works for me, such as Mary Kay's. And if I try bad lipstick do not work as they are the bazaars or low cost brands como essence.
Buenohe tell you that if it works I notice that it lasts longer than it takes about 4 hours, but I do not like it at all.
It's really silly, because the ones that work for me are the good ones and these alone can usually hold me for 3 hours.
Pure esalcohol, only with the smell is already noticeable but also is that when you put your lips itches, not much but if it shows and for me it is a rather unpleasant sensation that I am not willing to that my lips have to endure, so I will not buy it again. Because right now only espicor, but in the long run there may be more things, because I do not believe that alcohol will have any effect on the lips.
MIPcore: 4.

OLAY Day Total Cream SPF15.

It is a free sample that was sent a few months ago, this cream promises a visibly younger skin, I still have it young so this .... I can not tell you anything.
What I can tell you is that I have noticed my skin smoother and smoother. In addition to being very hydrated, after all, the only thing I usually need is hydration and that's what I'm looking for.
Desdemi experience I recommend it to people who need a lot of hydration, It is true that promises a younger skin but as I said is not something that I can assure you, because in me it is impossible to check.
The price of the original product is about € 20 and its size 50 ml.
Mypot: 7 almost 8.
This is its texture, very fluid and that it is applied very easily.

Masc arilla fruit smoothie deMontagne jeneusse.

It is a mask of strawberry and mango that promises to cleanse the pores in depth and leave the skin fresh, smooth and clean.So then I had to put on a good moisturizer to remove that feeling so tight that I left the mask. I will continue testing other masks of this brand until I find the ideal one for me.

MipScore 7.
And so far my postde today, what do you think of these products of co feminine smética ? Which one did you like the most?

Author: Melyssa PG, beauty and cosmetics blogger