My opinion of some feminine cosmetics products

Hello Beauties !!
Today I want to give you my opinion on some products of cheap cosmetics that I have used during these last months and that I think you may be interested, especially since they are low cost products that we can buy all of.

C row of babariade rosa mosqueta .

It is a facial cream that moisturizes, regenerates the skin, has spf 15 and its size is 50 ml.

In the package it also says that it has a reaffirming effect even though this has not worked for me, each person is a world, I may not have seen this effect but someone else works for me. Even so, I recommend it equally.
My opinion about the cream of Babaria Rosa Mosqueta:
With it I notice the skin very hydrated and smoother, although it is a normal size, it lasts a lot because you have a very small amount of all the face and neck.

I am addicted to all things that have rosehip, because rosehip is the best thing in the world for my skin, but as in oil I get tired of using it because it is very rich, because I try to use products that contain it, it is not the same but something is something. My score on this facial cream is 7 almost 7 and a half ...

Price: 6 €, although I bought it a long time ago a neighborhood store, now it will not be cheaper or more expensive, it is very likely that in large stores you can get cheaper or in 2 × 1 deals that I have seen in some occasions.

Mum Fresh Breeze Deodorant.

Sold in its container is roll on and has a size of 75 ml.

It promises to last 48 hours, obviously or can I confirm that Who is going to be 48 hours without showering? , I certainly do not, that lasts about 24 hours, yes, but what about 48 hours I'm sorry I can not confirm it because I I shower every day

And for much that I like to try things and see if they meet what the brands say, not to shower for 48 hours I prefer not to do it ... that asquito.
It has a fresh smell like a sea or something that I like a lot.
My score is 9 and its price € 2, although sometimes you can find it on offer even cheaper.

Sanase Contour of eyes.

It came in the box of low cost cosmetics Beautyclub of December, has anti stress effect, which reduces and corrects bags, ojeray expression lines.