My manicures failed!

Hello girls!
I regret not having been these days is that I have been a bit of a litte but I came back, hehe, today I bring you a Entrance a bit weird (or not).
I always teach the manicures that fit me well , but hey I've seen that many do not dare to do things on their nails because you say they're going to go wrong ... that's why today I show you my failed manicures !! it's just a matter of trying it until we get it right.
The first one I show you is a nail decoration to the water, it was the first time that the towards and often horror! I have done it for a long time and I have not encouraged myself again because it is very dirty. As soon as I took the picture, I took it off, this manicure I did not like anything at all.
This other manicure I saw very easy b> in a google image, the truth is that it was very pretty, in all the nails had aluminum foil, I found it original and I started doing it.
Error !! I remain horrifying in the end I only have it on one nail and I do not like anything ... I will not try again because the feeling of aluminum foil on the nail do not like me, this kind of manicures although they are very easy they are very unpleasant.
And finally I leave you another manicure that seemed very easy and it gave me a lot of pain that did not come out. It is very easy the truth but between that I did not have my day and that the black I had was more than dry ... But in the end my piano attempt went wrong although this easy manicure I promise to try again !!
And do you have any manicures that resist? Kisses