Lucky charms

Hello girls!
Today I come with a rare, rare entry of lucky charms . The other day I showed you my birthday gifts that you can see them here, as you could see, they gave me a necklace, which I had chosen without realizing because they showed me the catalog and they told me which one like? and I ignorant of me I told them what I liked haha.
Well the necklace from the first moment I fell in love, but what was my surprise that reading your comments I saw that More nail art. told me that she liked the hand of Fatima and I said ennn? but which necklace Is a fatima hand ? I really had no idea why I started to investigate.
I have to say that more nail art was absolutely right is a hand of Fatima, also called eye of Fatima and is a lucky charm.
I have to tell you that I am not religious or anything like that, if I was baptized, I made communion and I am even confirmed, but for X reasons of life I left to believe in the church, I do not say in God because I do not know that, I do not believe it or not, but in the church with all the things you see if you stop believing. Since I stopped believing I've always been looking for some amulet that would convince me, I think that when things go wrong you need to have something that you think gives you luck .
That's why today I teach my lucky charms .

The best lucky charms to carry always:

I tried lucky charm with owls : with this one is expected to have a lucky life, not only for themselves, but also for all those around us. They are also said to be protective against obscurantism and ignorance . But I do not finish to convince this amulet.
In my search to find my Lucky charm I also tried the most famous, the 4 leaf clover according to the legend each leaflet represents the following:
The 1st is for hope.
The 2nd is for faith.
The 3rd is for love.
The 4th for luck.
I did not have No luck either haha ​​that weird hey! In one week, the new camera broke down with a week, the cell phone, the toaster and the dryer.

Does anyone give more?It causes bad energies to stop in the palm of your hand, protects against illnesses and attracts good luck.

And the question is, do you think it will give me luck? Or, on the contrary, how long do you think my luck lasts with her? Do you have lucky charms ? Kisses