Buy in bottega green and product reviews

¡Holachicas !!
Today I wanted to tell you that I went back to to buy in Bottega verde and for that reason I want to give you my opinion about this purchase of online cosmetics , if some of you think I'm sick, after which they messed up the other time when my order never came to me, I remind you that they sent him to Portugal, which he wound up ... (you can read the entry here )
But after everything that got messed up, the days, the months ... and my order never arrived but as I had put it to pay cash on delivery I never paid it either, and what is my name one day browsing beruby I realize that my balance has increased a lot , specifically the 8.50 € that gives you bottega verde to buy from the Beruby website.

And then my laughter came out of the evil wajaja that we have ... well to have warned before man, if my order arrives well then great, because sonp Good products that have cost me very little and if they do not arrive also because I am getting € 8.50 from beruby without me paying.

So, while I was saying this, I went back to buying in green bottega. I do not know if luckily or unfortunately if it has come to me ... but the order has left me all super cheap, this is one of those shopping of low cost online cosmetics that I love.

My purchase of online cosmetics in green bottega:

Black eye pencil , price 2.99 €. I've used it little, but if it is true that it is very black and lasts for a long time in our precious eyes.

Mask of tabs , this I will delay in using it because I have 3 open and it is not plan to open them all so that later they spoil me, its price is 4.99 €.

Rossetto protez lipstick comes as a gift, it's not a color I like very much but it smells like vice ... like cotton candy.Its price is 2.99 €
Deodorant for feet and shoes , I have never had any so I was curious and for the summer that the shoes with sweat do not usually smell very good, it comes great, its price is 4.99 €

Pure green clay skin mask from bottega, is a mask that looks very clean. When applied it is quite cold, then it dries and the face remains restirante. But when you remove it, your face stays smooth but without pulling, clean and very soft. Your price is 4.99 €

Cream for anti-cellulite massage, when I arrived I was very surprised because it is much bigger than it seemed on your website. Like all anti-cellulite works if you use it with good nutrition and exercise. If you do not do these two things, neither this anticellulite nor any of them will work for you. But it is one of my favorites my skin is much better. Your price 9.99 €
Firm firming gel and elasticizing with hops. It's the best breast gel I've tried and I think of the few that worked for me. The skin looks smoother and prettier. In the end you have a much nicer chest and I am delighted with it. Its price is 6.49 €
Cream for the face based on glycolic acid. This is not for me, it is for my mother, but when I know your opinion I will tell you.And do you have any experience with green bottega ? What do you think of my purchase in green bottega ?