10 Beauty tricks to have beautiful and firm breasts

Hello girls!
Today I'll give you 10 beauty tips to have some breasts nice and firm, because although many women say no or they do not care, the truth is that we all like to have the most beautiful breasts that can be especially when we have gone through changes in weight or in pregnancies that breasts tend to fall off.
That's why today I bring you some tricks of beauty for woman that we can do at home to lift them, put them smoother and in definite másbonitos, these truc They serve for all types of breasts regardless of having a lot or little.

Beauty tricks for nice and firm breasts:

1. The cold water : you can take a shower of cold water to improve tuspechos, but sometimes this in very cold people like me is a little mission impossible. That's why we can also take a shower as we normally do, and at the end of the shower we give ourselves a cold water spray over the breasts ...
I know it's horrible for someone who does not support cold water I am a clear example but you already know that the something you want something costs you, and in this case it would not be different.
A trick that can never get out of here Shhh, bathe with the aguacalentita. When you have enough water for the hot water, enter all the seru tucuerpo in the bathtub, remove the breasts in the turtle style and put cold water, having the body warm, the cold in the breasts will not seem paratanto, and the effect is the same.
2. Use the correct bra size: I know it seems silly but many girls do not. If you are not comfortable, if the grip is left with marks or if your breasts are coming out you are not using the correct size, so to have some firm and beautiful breasts you have to change bra.
If you are not using the correct terecomiendo see How to know the correct bra size.
3. Do not compress the chest: The chest can be compressed for many reasons, for example, sleeping upside down, therefore forbidden to sleep on your stomach. It can also be compressed if we give very strong hugs, therefore the hugs concariño but flojitos, it is not necessary that we leave the soul through the mouth whenever someone gives us a hug.
4. Creams: care with good specific products for the chest (this does not mean expensive) we must apply the cream from below to above.
Or if you do not like creams, we can also use rosehip oil, for me it is one of the most effective products, although I admit that sometimes I am unfaithful with some creams, because it is very sticky.
5. Exercise: do exercises with weights to lift it. In YouTube you can find many videos step by step to raise it that will serve you well.
6. Keep us in the correct position: to enhance the chest. In addition you will also look taller, with this we mean that if you spend a lot of time for example in front of the computer, keep your back straight.
7. Use sunscreen: The skin of the breasts is very sensitive because of the fact that we can forget to use protection.Perform an exfoliation every week: to stimulate blood circulation, also remove the pimples and strengthen the skin.
9. Eat well , for me this is an ordeal, with what I like about pizzas, horse burgers ... as I do not even know what I have eaten. But well I try to eat well ... for the sake of mispechos. What I find most difficult is to include green in my diet, but somehow I will get it.
10. Another of the most important beauty tricks for the chest is sleep well a minimum of 7 hours and if it can be 8 hours much better.

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Author: Melyssa PG, blogger of beauty and cosmetics.